Why I started AromaPoetry

Every great idea has a story behind it

How did AromaPoetry start? Well, candle making began as a new hobby for me which I infused with my oldest passion, poetry, my love of home décor, and my spiritual way of life.

If you’re a candle lover, then you know how essential it is in every home. Lighting it at the end of the day to help unwind or anytime of day just to send blissful aromas through the room. You can use it for aromatherapy, infused with essential oils. My personal favorite is to light them when you are hosting a dinner or party to set a beautiful, dim ambiance along with an amazing smelling house.

If you’re a poetry lover, then you know the power of words. Putting words together with a rhythm, with metaphors, with symbols, can help make us feel our emotions strongly. Poetry is one of the oldest art forms and still one of the most profoundly beautiful.

If you love interior design and anything related to home décor like I do, then you know candles are a must have.

If you lead a spiritual way of life, then you are connected to the Universe and you know the importance of energy healing and chakras balancing.

Poetry was something I always took to. I read it in elementary school and began writing it as a release in middle school. It never stopped. I began meditating in order to help be internally at peace in 2012 and was always drawn to chakra balancing practices. Candle making came later, in 2017 to be exact. After I made a few candles, I realized I loved it and would always continue to do so. I loved creating colors and scents that match the theme of the poem on the candle.

I always imagine if someone were to get me a thoughtful gift, something as simple as a candle would make me smile. Now, to add a completely original, never before seen poem to come with the candle, well that would downright make me feel loved. I hope AromaPoetry can be used in many ways by many people, including during meditation or yoga, as a gift, or simply as an addition to your humble abode. The poetry also makes for a great conversation starter!

So there it is, the story of this unique line in a nutshell. I hope you feel all of the love and passion in each candle!




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